Silica Is Important To Your Health

Silica may just be one of the most overlooked minerals in terms of health benefits. Silica is most commonly found in nature as sand or quartz. In the human body, this chemical compound is what holds us together from the blood circulatory system to the transmission of nerve signals.


Specific benefits of silica include:

• Promoting stronger fingernails
• Producing healthy hair and clear skin
• Countering some effects of aging
• Daily healthy functioning of our body’s organs and connective tissues
• Counteracting dry skin
• Improved digestion
• Boost to metabolism
• Stimulation of cell formation

Silica and the Human Body

Silica is one of the most common elements on Earth, yet the problem is that silica is only present in our bodies in very small amounts. As we age, our bodies are not able to maintain enough of this mineral to be of much benefit beyond what is necessary to keep our body’s functioning.


Silica and Bone Strength

Calcium and Vitamin D get a lot of credit for maintaining bone strength, but they cannot do the job alone. Silica helps with calcium absorption. As with other minerals, there are foods that are natural sources of silica. Some of these include cucumbers, wheat, onions, oats, strawberries, avocados and brown rice. Herbs with silica include nettle and horsetail.


Silica and Our Skin

Silica is extremely beneficial in terms of promoting healthy skin. As we get older, natural collagen levels drop to the point where skin condition visibly deteriorates and shows signs of aging. Silica combats common signs of aging by improving the elasticity of skin, enhancing collagen formation and improve overall skin tone.


Silica and Our Health

Recent studies suggest silica may play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Silica may be beneficial to certain female health needs as well, including reproductive issues. Additional health benefits of silica include better overall heart health. According to the American Heart Association, silica may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in some individuals.


Realistically, it is not really practical to get all the silica we need from food alone. Many of the foods we eat are processed with the amount of silica greatly reduced during the refinement process. Supplements may be necessary to increase the amount of silica in our bodies to useful levels. The visible benefits are seen in our hair, skin and fingernails. Many other benefits are internal, but just as important.

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Silica Benefits

Perpetual Youth:

SilaLive Silica promotes perpetual youth through a mineral supplement that safely removes toxic waste from the body. Most people experience significantly noticeable results in approximately two weeks with SilaLive Silica supplements. As the toxicity levels in individuals vary, improvements may occur earlier in some people or may take slightly longer in others.

Safe Vital Mineral

The SilaLive Silica manufacturers recommend a small dosage in the beginning phase. A person may increase the dosage as the body adjusts to the properties. This product is micronized to penetrate at the cellular level for maximum detoxification and benefit from the Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic Acid. The organic silica in SilaLive Silica is a safe 100 percent natural product that can safely be taken with all medications. The manufacturer uses only chemically free high quality raw organic ingredients.

Silica Supplement for Pets

As a minute ingredient in animal food for pets and livestock, it aids digestion, combats internal parasites and provides valuable trace minerals. Suppliers suggest only one to two percent by weight of Diatomaceous Earth as an additive to dry feed. Five ounces may be added to the daily ration in stored grains for horses; however, one teaspoon per day should be plenty for a small dog or cat and one tablespoon should be a proper ration for a large dog weighing over 55 pounds.

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